Goodwilled bunglers or something much worse?

With every passing day, more people are recognizing the nature and magnitude of our worldwide predicament. No, it does not dawn upon anyone in a flash, although each of us goes through a process that usually contains one or more epiphany-like moments. Still, there are certain mental hurdles that few ever overcome. One such hurdle involves calling a spade a spade; few truly recognize the enemies as enemies.

What do I mean? Well, one recurring example can be observed when otherwise-intelligent “economists” talk about this or that “mistake” by Greenspan or Bernanke. Some “well-respected economists” have spoken about how Bernanke has not done a single thing right since taking the helm of the Federal Reserve. If we accept the idea that all of Bernanke’s moves have been wrong, stupid, what have you, we are left with two possibilities: he is either the most incompetent man in the history of the world, or his actual agenda differs fundamentally from his publicly-stated agenda. As the saying goes, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” It is not only unlikely, it is morally impossible that every single thing Bernanke does is born of stupidity or having read the wrong economists during his formative years. The undeniable effect is all out of proportion with the purported cause.

Bernanke — like all the other sociopaths presently carrying out the final, death-dealing gang-rape of the formerly-Christian West — is acting according to a brilliant, highly-organized plan. The rock-solid evidence that this is so can be obtained with the greatest of ease at this late hour. Ignorance of such things, in the face of such a dire situation, can no longer be excused as inculpable. Anyone who does not know what is going on does not want to know.

Those working with superhuman energy and tenacity to drag our moribund society over the highest of proverbial cliffs are doing so with their eyes wide open and their disordered wills functioning at full strength. Speaking of their endless, monumental crimes as if they were all part of some ongoing, incomprehensibly-enormous “mistake” is not only incorrect, it involves a notable degree of willful blindness. These men are not “good-willed bunglers.” Until we face and fully accept this fact, they will continue to run over all in their way, meeting with little to no effective resistance.

On a battlefield, if a soldier fails to recognize his mortal or potentially-mortal enemy as an enemy, there is a very good chance he will not leave the battlefield alive. Make no mistake: this is a war and the sociopaths have some very ugly plans for us little people. While I have more-than-sufficient reason to believe they will fail in the end, they will do incalculable damage on their way out — damage enabled, in part, by our own, willful blindness. Godspeed.

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