Don’t wait for the cavalry…

As society continues to unravel, many if not most of us cannot quite wrap our heads around the idea that there isn’t any John Wayne-esque character waiting in the wings, ready to save the day at any moment.

Please don’t misunderstand me, for I am a firm believer that the present and coming hardships will force many of us to dig so deep that more than a few heroes will, in fact, be forged in the fires of tribulation. I also believe it is imperative that we accept and fully grasp that no one whose livelihood is essentially tied to the status quo is going to save the day. Men who have not had the guts to speak out up to this point are very unlikely to find the guts now. Having previously capitulated, stifling their own consciences to obtain or maintain their place at the feeding trough, doing the right thing becomes even harder to do or even to see.

I am not claiming that sudden, complete conversions cannot take place. However, banking on them is unwise. Mr. Kevin Barrett’s article US Military Should “Just Say No” To Iran Attack contains many excellent points. One of its main flaws, however, is that it is making an indirect appeal to the more noble elements of a group of men whose recent activities indicate that they are decidedly lacking where nobility is concerned. In other words: Why should we hope spineless warmongers who’ve been doing the Banksters’ will for years on end will, all of a sudden, grow consciences and balls of solid brass?  Yes, such a miraculous turn of events may happen. No, it is not rational to bank on it, or even act as if there is remotely-solid ground for hoping it will happen. If it does, I shall be as happy as anyone. For now and moving forward, I will not be waiting for the knight in shining armor on a white horse. We need to grow up and do everything in our power to save ourselves. As we gets things rolling here, I will clarify what it means to “save” ourselves. For the present, I will simply say that this world — a world which is passing away in front of our eyes as the Age of Materialism draws to a close — cannot help us. Our main problems are found in the mind and heart. Merely temporal solutions will not do; we must go deeper, plumbing the depths of our oft-corrupt hearts. Spiritual problems require spiritual answers; the ‘gurus’ and ‘gods’ of the Age of Materialism know nothing of such things. If we fix the spiritual, the temporal will follow. Godspeed.

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