What needs to be purged?

Any purification, however great or small, implies the presence of undesired impurities within a system. What system, some readers may ask, needs to be purified? What impurities are present?

Frankly, the entire system — taken as a whole and in parts, top to bottom, front to back, inside and outside, temporally and spiritually, from the water and soil and food all the way to the most sacred considerations — is full of centuries of accumulated filth that must be purged if society is to return to anything like a healthy footing and mode of day-to-day operation.

As the days roll forward and time permits, we will take a look at every aspect of the system, discussing its normal and proper function and examining the present disorders. Most importantly, however, we will look at the the most common disorders of the human heart, for each and every disorder we see finds its cause in one out-of-place affection or another. Cleanse the heart, the rest follows.

Despite the fact that moderns are woefully ignorant where the spirit is concerned, there is no shortage of sagacious advice from our fathers — if only we will seek it out and humble ourselves enough to listen.

As many readers know, the entire world’s monetary system will soon collapse in a most spectacular fashion. Yes, the Money Masters will present a solution, a cure which will be worse than the disease, which most of the mindless, spineless sheeple will gratefully accept. However, even if we could prevent the coming collapse, our lives would not be any more healthy and meaningful unless we do some hard-core, spiritual house cleaning. Because the main problem is that our interiors are disordered, avoiding one or more of the myriad temporal disasters-at-the-door means very little.

Mr. Mike Ruppert of Collapse Network is fond of saying, “Until you change the way money works, you change nothing.” This is true, as far as it goes — but it doesn’t go far enough. Why? Well, although a sound monetary system — i.e., having a sound and stable medium of exchange — is vitally important, it is a merely temporal consideration. Think of temporal considerations as the body of a man; the spiritual considerations may be seen as his soul. Which is more important? The soul is immeasurably more important, although it cannot function in this world without co-operating with the body. The point is this: changing the way money works will be an enormous aid, but there will be no lasting, truly-meaningful change until we cleanse our hearts.

“For the desire of money is the root of all evils.” Notice that the root of the evils is found in the human heart, not in any inanimate thing. What ensnares humans is never the thing itself, but the disordered desire which leads us to misuse or abuse the object of our disordered desire and, in the process, degrade and spiritually harm ourselves. Purge the heart, the rest will follow. Godspeed.

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