First things first: Save yourself because no one else will…

While I have unshakable confidence that the immeasurable difficulty of these times will eventually produce many true heroes, they will arrive unexpectedly and with little fanfare, going about their business in little, meaningful ways. Despite the maxim about life imitating art, there will be no “Hollywood ending” to the Great Purification and the heroes will not arrive on white horses, accompanied by the sounding of silver trumpets. In some ways, the end result will be incomprehensibly better than the ending of any movie produced by the morally-degenerate, anti-art  factory of Tinsel Town.

We must not expect someone else to do the dirty work for us. Whatever disordered attachments we have within our hearts can only be removed by us — with God’s help. First, however, we must examine our hearts to learn what attachments and affections reside therein. Some will be good, as the heart is made for loving. Some will be harmful, as we often come to love things which are not good for us. Modern life, with its endless distractions and gizmos galore, is constantly pulling us away from leading an interior life based upon recollection and reflection. If we are to benefit from the stupendous offerings available during this time, we must make use of the proper tools. Meditation is one of the most important. If we do not meditate in some manner, we cannot know ourselves. If we do not know ourselves, we are just wasting what little, precious time we have. As Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” No one else can tell us who we are, nor can anyone else clean our spiritual house for us. It is hard, dirty work that does not end this side of the grave and eternity, but the payoff is beyond anything this corrupt, rapidly-passing world can provide.

How to meditate? Well, there are numerous methods, etc., and some will be presented in future posts. Regardless of the method chosen, we must be unswervingly faithful to the practice if we are to reap any meaningful rewards. Fidelity is the key. Godspeed to you and yours.

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