Purging the body to help the soul…

While purifying the heart is of the utmost importance where spiritual progress is concerned, cleansing the body is what we might style a tremendously helpful, if not absolutely necessary, prerequisite. Why?

As things stand in this world, all of our spiritual faculties need the assistance of the body to function. When our bodies are ailing, our spiritual faculties have a harder time of it. Yes, I realize that many holy men and women were purified by lengthy illnesses which they accepted in all humility, but we are not presently considering those who are already perfect being taken to another, higher level. We are considering regular, imperfect people who are trying to enter upon the narrow road.

In a world full of non-foods and toxins of all kinds, we must purge ourselves of accumulated filth. Then, we must have a firm resolution to make the conscious decision, day in and day out, to eat real, good food. Most modern ‘food’ is not fit for human consumption. Much of it is utter garbage. How can we expect our minds to function well when our bodies are being fed such trash? Walking the narrow road is very hard work; it is that much harder when our bodies are weighed down due to the accumulated effects of habitually poor choices.

Future posts will provide some ideas about how to cleanse the body and what to eat once the system has been purged. Please do not underestimate how much a healthy body helps where spiritual progress is concerned. Until next time… Godspeed.

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