Sloppy Thinking 101…

I came across the following at the link listed at the bottom of this entry:

Why does God allow bad things to happen in the world?

Answer: God doesn’t rule the world.

For what it is or is not worth, I have no desire to pick on the author. I presume he is just one of the countless sincere-but-confused men sharing his thoughts with the world as he tries to figure out what has happened to bring us to the precipice. People also want to know the answer to the classic question: Where are you (or we) going and why? Quo vadis et quare? I, too, am interested in finding the answers to life’s most profound questions. However, at the moment I am only addressing the logical and, indirectly, the metaphysical flaw found in the statement quoted above.

If you follow the link and read the entire article (which, in my opinion, is not worth your valuable time), you will find that the author appears to be espousing some version of pantheism with what seems to be a little deism thrown in for good measure. Pantheism and deism fail to truly satisfy the mind because each presents only part of the picture, but that is not my present point. Pantheist or deist, Zoroastrian or Satanist, the author speaks of the world being under the sway of Lucifer and of Lucifer waging war against Gaea:

Lucifer was allowed to transition to a metaphysical struggle with Mother Earth (Gaea). Throughout the Bible, Lucifer (Satan) is consistently characterized as God’s premier enemy, but the passages should have read, “Lucifer is the premier enemy of Gaea.”

I placed the word ‘allowed’ in bold and italicized type for what is, I hope, a monumentally-obvious reason — when one is allowed to do anything, he is being allowed to do it by some other entity that has authority over him. Any reader would naturally ask, “Allowed BY WHOM?”

In a word: Even if we grant that Satan rules this world, the author himself attests to the fact that this is only because it is allowed to be that way. Let’s make it crystal clear:

Major premise: Satan — like ALL created/contingent beings — is under the dominion of God.

Minor premise: Gaea/Earth is under the dominion of Satan.

Conclusion: Gaea/Earth is under the dominion of God.

The author’s answer to his own question is a complete cop out which utterly fails to provide anything resembling a clear, correct, logical, or well-presented answer. As I stated, my object is not to pick on any particular individual, nor am I addressing the correctness of any belief system. At present, I am only addressing the issue of sloppy thinking. We all have our moments when our good qualities shine, as well as those moments when our weaknesses are more apparent and operative. We must not let our ‘good moments’ go to our heads; similarly, we must not let others’ ‘bad moments’ lead us to judge them too harshly.

Until we can think clearly, connecting various logical dots, especially when they are (or ought to be) as clear as the summer sun, it is morally impossible that we are going to unseat those presently lording it over us, or even put our own lives in reasonably decent order. As for my thoughts about how, when, etc., those lording it over us will be unseated and cast into the outer darkness, I will touch upon such topics in future posts. Godspeed.

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen in the World?

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