Heart of the (temporal) problem

While our spiritual disorders are more important than, and even a proximate cause of, our temporal disorders, that does not mean the temporal are unimportant. They simply find their proper importance when seen in relation to higher, eternal concerns.


Temporally, we are up a wide, raging “creek” composed entirely of class 5 rapids and we not only lack a paddle, we no longer have a boat of any kind. In a word, our situation is immeasurably graver than most men can even begin to fathom. Some may argue the point, but the heart of our temporal problems is the disordered nature of modern so-called money. I may or may not make more posts about this issue, but here are some of the finest explanations you will ever see or could possibly need. The last of the three is rather long, but your time will not be wasted — far from it.






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2 Responses to Heart of the (temporal) problem

  1. I like this site it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

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