What is THE solution?

The world as we know it is falling apart all around us… financially, agriculturally, weather-wise, you name it…

So, what to do?

The vast majority of ills that we see are out of our control. Any solution/s must deal with what we can, in fact, control. Yes, we can plant gardens. We can take measures to ensure that our water is pure. We can even transfer our meager monetary wealth into more stable forms, such as gold and silver. Still, that leaves the primary issue unaddressed.

Each man’s primary issue lies within himself: his own heart. The time-tested way to purge and solidify one’s own heart is…meditation. Daily meditation is THE key to peace of mind and heart. It also guarantees that everything we do will be done better and will be more truly and lastingly profitable. “Know thyself,” counseled the masters of old.

Do you know yourself? Do you know your predominant fault? Do you know your main strength? When we do not really know ourselves, we can neither maximize our greatest strengths nor act to curb and overcome our greatest weaknesses. If we fail to do BOTH, we cannot become truly better men. Maximizing our strengths without curbing our weaknesses yields little real fruit.

Know thyself; know God.

If we do not spend some quiet time in the morning trying to know God and ourselves, we will never become what we hoped we would be. Our lives will be, to an enormous degree, a waste of valuable time.

This morning, I was walking around the neighborhood wherein I was raised. It is a very nice place, but very few homes are inhabited by those who lived therein when I was a boy. Time moves on; it waits for no one. Even if every house were still inhabited by the same people, those people know they will soon be dead. How much time have we wasted during the last 30 years? Are we better men because of our actions, or have we squandered the gift of life and time?

Think hard on these matters — nothing else really matters. God gave each of us the gift of life. How have we used it?

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One Response to What is THE solution?

  1. Grant Komm says:

    Appreciate it for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “No amount of artificial reinforcement can offset the natural inequalities of human individuals.” by Henry P. Fairchild.

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