Unity: “We’re one, but we’re not the same…”

Below is something I found on the website of a truth-telling, courageous man who is doing his very best to wake people up to what is going on in our moribund society.  Part of justice is giving credit wherever it is due, whether the credit is being given to our family, friends, or, what is much harder for us, our enemies.  While I consider David Icke to be a kind spirit and man of good will, I cannot fail to see a few rather important errors in his view of reality.  I do not bring them up to cause him or anyone else grief.  I do not bring them up to show him up, if you will.  On the contrary, I am motivated solely by my own fidelity to the truth, which is Mr. Icke’s prime motivation, too.  My own comments follow below.

Science is now beginning to confirm what spirituality, philosophy, sages, ancient teachings and psychedelics have been saying for millennia: The entire Universe is One and that what we think of as ‘reality’ is just an illusion. And the only real thing in the Universe is Consciousness.

Or, as David Icke puts it:

‘Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion’.

‘We are droplets in an infinite ocean of consciousness and when you place a droplet back in the ocean where does the ocean start and the droplet end? They don’t. They are all One. Everything is One and was always One. I am you, you are me, I am everything and everything is me. We have just forgotten and been manipulated to forget.’

Let us begin our analysis with the ancient-but-erroneous idea that everything is one, that all distinction, etc., is just an illusion.

The first thing to notice is that such an idea, even if correct, completely undermines any and all motive to oppose evil because evil IS good and good IS evil; no one is hurting or even can hurt anyone else because everyone is actually just one person or thing!  If, as Mr. Icke and many others correctly say, Gaza has been turned into an outdoor concentration camp, who cares if that is just one aspect of an enormous illusion?  If everything is an illusion, all pain and suffering are illusions, too.  This idea utterly annihilates the motive for any kind of empathy whatsoever.  To take things to their logical conclusion, we should all celebrate the death we see all around us (although it is, supposedly, just an illusion), for it is merely liberating individual men (who, within this false paradigm, don’t even really exist) from their illusory existence.

Mr. Icke is an intelligent man, but he, like all of us, has grown up in a world that is awash with philosophical errors.  One of the very worst purveyors of philosophical error was a man named Immanuel Kant — who, according to Icke’s ideas, is really just you, me and Icke, etc.  Kant’s volumes of philosophical error — which, not too surprisingly, are held in high esteem at modern universities — can be boiled down to this: Reality is that we cannot know reality.  Well, such a conclusion is worth less than a pile of flaming canine excrement and is, ironically, self-contradicting!  If reality is that we cannot know reality, how can we say we know even that much?  It is like the statement “There are no dogmas,” which, again ironically, is put forth AS a dogma — the only one such “thinkers” admit.  I hope to go into some of these things at greater length in future posts, but suffice it to say that ideas have immense power; erroneous ideas cause incalculable destruction once they are widely accepted and put into practice.  Think of how much damage would result from the widespread acceptance of the idea that 2+2=5, or blue, or anything but 4!  If men allowed mathematical error to spread as easily as we allow philosophical error to spread, none of our homes would stand, all of our bridges would fall, our airplanes would never get off the ground or, if they did, would fall out of the sky!  Make no mistake: philosophical errors have an enormous impact, even if most of us suffer the effects without seeing or even suspecting the cause.

As for the idea that all is an illusion, I would ask Mr. Icke, or anyone else who believes such nonsense, to visit me for a chat.  During this chat, I will happily smack him or anyone else upside the head with a cast-iron skillet.  I would not do so out of hatred or a desire to harm, but to prove the point: neither the skillet nor the pain is illusory.  The pain caused by all of the wars which sane people oppose is real, even if passing.  Momentary and illusory are not the same thing.

Yes, there is a much deeper reality that the vast majority of men do not see, especially during an age like our own, an age of atheistic materialism.  I hope to share some insights and reflections upon that deeper reality, but this is a blog post, not a paper on metaphysics.  While it is praiseworthy to enlighten our fellow men about the truth, it is also very easy to adhere to and spread a little error, albeit unwittingly.

I am not David Icke and he is not I.  If we follow the idea espoused by Mr. Icke, which is much, much older than he, the logical conclusion is that Icke is (or I am) Lloyd Blankfein or Ben Bernanke, for example.  Can any truth-telling man of these difficult days really believe that he is, in an unbreakable and essential way, identifiable with the very men and situations he opposes so vehemently and rightly?  If, behind the supposedly-non-existent yet universally-effective curtain which somehow ‘cloaks’ reality, I AM the bankers or the warmongers or any other nasty person or group of people, there is absolutely zero reason for me to oppose them or what they do.  If their existence and actions, however deplorable, are really just an illusion, it is the height of absurdity for me to object to them or oppose them.  I’d be fighting myself, and the reason for the fight, as well as the fight itself, would be naught but illusion!  That, dear readers, is utter nonsense.

I truly hope readers realize I am not trying to pick on Mr. Icke, whose work speaks for itself.  He has seen and spoken the truth about a great many things and has suffered a great deal of persecution for having done so.  However, he is just a man and, therefore, rather capable of being incorrect, even if only from time to time.  With respect to the issue discussed in this short post, he is manifestly and gravely wrong.  Thankfully, he, like most of us, does not take his own ideas to their logical conclusion.  If he did, the entire motivation for his life’s work would be reduced to ashes.  One final question for now: If there is really only ONE thing or person, but ‘we’ have been manipulated to forget, WHO did the manipulating and why?

I had not intended to use this blog for such discussions, but, unfortunately, the world is awash in error.  We will not be in a position to act aright until we think aright — and most of us adhere to some demonstrably wrong ideas.  None of us is immune, but we are all in this together.  I seriously doubt Mr. Icke will ever read these words, but, if he does, I hope he reads them in the same kindly spirit they have been written.  I appreciate all his hard work on behalf of the truth and his fellow human beings, but I also encourage him to stick to what he knows and can prove.  With respect to the issue I have mentioned herein, he is out of his depth and silence is the better course.  Godspeed to you and yours, in 2012 and beyond.

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6 Responses to Unity: “We’re one, but we’re not the same…”

  1. nooralhaqiqa says:

    “If everything is an illusion, all pain and suffering are illusions, too. This idea utterly annihilates the motive for any kind of empathy whatsoever. To take things to their logical conclusion, we should all celebrate the death we see all around us (although it is, supposedly, just an illusion), for it is merely liberating individual men (who, within this false paradigm, don’t even really exist) from their illusory existence.”


    This is also an argument used regarding reincarnation and how it is followed through in various cultures. “Just an experience of many…”

    This illusion mindset can promote a very cool outlook because you are cutting yourself off from the bad stuff due to a certain lack of compassion. Other peoples’ pain just does not register so long as it does not touch your life.

    Bottom line is the only line.

    Or so they would have us believe.

    • Eamon says:

      The ‘everything is just an illusion’ idea creates all kinds of notable problems. Another example involves our motivation to communicate with others. If the others are only an illusion, there is no point trying to communicate anything at all, and the whole idea of anyone being asleep or awake to what is going on means absolutely nothing — which is an odd sort of philosophy for a truth-teller intent upon waking up other men.

      As for reincarnation, although this idea is held by some men for whom I have a very deep respect, it is incorrect and should, if their actions were consistent with their beliefs, undermine most, if not all, motivation to do good. If we get as many chances as we need to learn life’s lessons, the sense of urgency is obliterated. We get but one life; what we do with it has everlasting consequences. We use our free will to do good or ill, to choose God or self; God ratifies our choice in eternity.

  2. nooralhaqiqa says:

    oh … what kind of skillet?

    I have my grandmother’s cast iron skillet, I would not want to break it on someone’s head.

    Can’t you just imagine this. Stephen Harper forced to sit in a chair, possibly restrained. Cast iron skillet over his head and a wooden spoon to make some noise with.

    • Eamon says:

      IMO, the Great Purification is going to be like a cast-iron skillet upside each of our heads. Presuming your reference is to the PM of Canada, all of the Banksters and their stooges will be receiving a profound lesson from the Master that they will not be able to refuse, escape, or explain away. Then, they will receive a one-way, all-expenses-paid trip to the outer darkness. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Godspeed; hold fast.

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