“The State of the Union is…”

“…being withheld for reasons of national security.  It will be released along with the Warren Commission Report, or when pigs fly — or maybe a few years after that.  You must understand that if the terrorists knew the true state of the Union, they’d hate us all the more and who knows what lengths they’d go to in order to deprive us of our rapidly-disappearing freedoms!  They might pee on a photo of the US Congress and then light it on fire, or broadcast the truth via free, non-ZioNazi-Bankster-controlled media, mocking us as we sink (or is it slither?) into the toxic cesspool of wanna-be-empire history.

“Per Executive Order One Zillion, which I — the man who explicitly promised to NOT make use of signing statements, a.k.a. unconstitutional executive orders — robo-signed earlier this morning, the truth has been forever consigned to the nether regions of the blogosphere and the minds of those silly enough to think for themselves, all of whom we will soon be hunting down and lobotomizing, sodomizing, and any other painful, humiliating ‘-izing’ that serves as a fitting punishment for having the temerity to love the truth and for daring to speak it openly!

“Now, shut your damn mouth, turn off your pathetic excuse for a mind, and bend over!  Those who are still brain-dead enough to believe a word of what we say are about to continue playing what we might style a notably subordinate role in the most monumental, ongoing gang-rape in recorded or any other kind of history — and you will continue to like it!  I know you are up for it — yes, you can!  God, I love this country!  God bless, America!”

Seriously, the main reason anyone believes the endless stream of bald-faced lies is…we have been (and in many cases, still are) lying to ourselves — about many things, but mostly about ourselves, our own importance, our own virtues, you name it.  Many of us have been lying to ourselves so profoundly and for so long that we no longer know who we are, or even who we once hoped to become.  We must ignore the insane antics of the sociopaths in charge of the asylum.  They are presently exhibiting, for the zillionth time, their incomprehensible depravity and they will not live to see the other side of the Great Purification.  They are busy destroying themselves; if we can keep our distance from their self-induced annihilation, all will be well.  We must spend our time getting to know God and ourselves; He alone can and, provided we trust Him as a baby trusts its mother, will guide us through these dangerous, uncharted waters and we will reach port safe and sound despite any and all obstacles.  We must tune out all the worthless noise, at least for a little bit each and every morning before getting wrapped up in our many tasks, and learn to listen to the still, small Voice — all else is so much meaningless babble.  Godspeed.

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