Tempus fugit: time flies

We all have experienced how swiftly time flies.  As we get older, it seems to pass that much more quickly.  When I shave, I look in the mirror at the same face I saw when I was eighteen — but I am no longer eighteen, or even close.  I am now a little more than twice the age I was then, but it seems as if that was just yesterday.  What have I done, whether well or poorly?  What I have learned?  How many times has God taught me the same lesson, albeit under different circumstances?

Life is short, even for those who live what we consider long lives — 100 or so years, for example.  Where does the time go; how does it pass so quickly?

This short post is not about answering these deep, universal questions.  It is about encouraging all of us to spend more time reflecting upon our lives and their quality.  We all die; many of us die much sooner than we ever anticipate.  Death is not, considered from this point of view, to be feared — it is a fact and it simply cannot be avoided.  However, life is to be cherished and used wisely.  Modern life, such as it is, is so disordered that it is the easiest thing in the world to get all tangled up in endless affairs, most of which are, when closely examined, of little to no worth, whether to ourselves or others.  Yes, we must all take care of the basic necessities, but we have lost our way to some degree if we let those needs and duties obscure our vision and prevent us from living truly meaningful lives that harmonize with the reason we were created in the first place.  If we do not know why we are here, or are suffering from having wasted too much time pursuing trifles that, once enjoyed, leave us feeling empty and wanting something more, it is time to begin afresh, making the wiser choices and unavoidable sacrifices required to get things back on track.  We can all do this at any moment, no matter how long things may have been out of balance.  The only thing or person that can prevent us doing so looks us in the mirror each and every morning.

More later…

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