A word of warning

To my chagrin, I have learned that another excellent blog to which I provide a link is, like so many otherwise-good and informative sites, published by someone whose grasp of basic metaphysics is deplorable — and that is putting it kindly.  Sadly, many who are rightfully styled “truthers” and provide much excellent information about these wild times are disasters where philosophy, metaphysics in particular, is concerned.  Given the state of modern so-called education, I suppose such should not come as a surprise.  Making matters worse, those professing to be religious or holding offices wherein they supposedly represent God have scandalized the entire world by the wickedness of their lives.  This tends to cause otherwise-intelligent men to throw the baby out with the bath water.  In a word, many have, somewhat understandably, come to believe as they do because of negative experiences which have produced strong, emotional responses and colored their perception.  We see this sort of thing all the time in our sad, disintegrating society.  Think of a girl who is abused and ends up as a prostitute because her early relationships with the men in her life were completely disordered and harmful.  There are other similar situations, but this is not the place for a psychological treatise.

Some might advise simply removing the links to such websites or blogs, but I am not one to silence or shut someone down just because he disagrees with me, is wrong about this or that, etc.  The owners of the blogs I “promote” are clearly-intelligent people who have much to say that is worth hearing.  That is why I have promoted and will continue to promote their blogs — at least for the present.

When speaking about the events unfolding in our moribund world, many provide cogent, useful analysis; however, some make the all-too-easy mistake of venturing into areas that are decidedly not their forte.  I am sure we all do something similar from time to time.  Unfortunately, when I tried to submit a comment which refuted the gross, fundamental error contained in one recent blog entry, the owner chose to prohibit my comment from being posted at all, accusing me of being a coy troll who was just trying to be cute.  How is that for calmly and rationally defending what is supposedly a true position, freedom of speech, etc?!!?

Look, I realize it is not a big deal; it is just a meaningless quibble limited to the blogosphere and life goes on.  Still, many of these people are held in high esteem in various, albeit very small circles.  I have known of and learned from them for years.  Unfortunately, it appears that a good number of them are more or less godless people whose impressive-but-finite intelligence is both their greatest strength and greatest weakness.  Pride affects us all.

By all means, visit such blogs and websites, if you are so inclined and find them useful.  When metaphysical, spiritual, or religious matters are discussed, please be advised that many of them are woefully ignorant on important points and have imbibed the ideas of some rather dreadful philosophers and factually-challenged historians.  Sadly, it turns out that some are also people who prefer to silence rather than engage those with whom they disagree.   Oddly enough, that is the very charge that modern “freethinkers” love to throw at their opposition.  Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, no matter whence it derives.  On that note, if anyone with whom I disagree tries to express his ideas or refute anything I write, I shall not be blocking any comments.  This blog is not meant to foster some kind of Mutual Admiration Society; it is meant to help people learn the truth.  So far, the only comments I have deleted were from tool-bags seeking to use their comments as a way to advertise their possibly-shady businesses.

I apologize for this little digression, but many professedly religious people are in the dark about what is really happening and their faith is more or less dead or sterile.  On the other hand, many who are awake to what is going on temporally espouse the most absurd positions where God, religion, spirituality, etc., are concerned.  That said, those whose heads are not on straight in one way or another, or whose hearts are full of disordered affections will be dealt with as the Great Purification moves forward — that is the whole purpose of this amazing time.  If there were more time and I felt so inclined, I would spend the necessary time to deal with the myriad errors of our day.  Time is just too short at this point and God knows how to reach the minds and hearts of men much better than I do.

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4 Responses to A word of warning

  1. Dave1010 says:

    Found your site while you were commenting with the Dog Poet. Like your style. Would it be right to assume the said website is coded in the last paragraph? Or would that be wrong to ass u me?

  2. Eamon says:

    Bonjour, Dave. Actually, I did not have the Dog Poet in mind when I wrote that, although I readily admit he and I do not agree (i.e., have the same beliefs) on some things. I wasn’t really thinking of specific people or websites, but I could easily name a few for anyone interested in knowing my take. That said, I am impressed by the Dog Poet’s knowledge and agree with the vast majority of what he writes. What is more, he is a sincere, teachable man — God can accomplish a lot with that. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Godspeed to you and yours.

  3. Dave1010 says:

    I would be interested in your take. I didn’t mean any of the Dog Poets sites. I doubt he would prohibit a comment of yours. I meant about being in the dark about what is really happening.

  4. Eamon says:

    I think the Dog Poet is more dialed in to what is going on than the vast majority of people, including many truthers and people whose faith is not as vigorous or alive as it could or should be. During the next week or so I will compose a short piece wherein I mention some of the sites I frequent and the people who run them, pointing out one or two of the more obvious errors that color their world view and affect their understanding of what is happening, why, and where it is actually leading. None of us is perfect, of course, but most of us tend to take even healthy, kindly-offered criticism badly, losing out on the opportunity for growth that it presents. This is the Great Purification and we all need to do some spiritual pruning if we are to be changed by this wonderful process in the way and to the degree that God desires for us.

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