Do ideas matter? If so, how much?

Do ideas matter?  In a word, yes.  Many modern “rebels” have seen and love a movie called “V for Vendetta.”  During the course of this movie — which, like the vast majority of “good” films emanating from Hollywood, is a potentially-deadly mixture of profound truths and important elements of the agenda of the Talmudic Money Masters, Illuminati, et alii — the protagonist, named simply V (vee), makes it quite clear that ideas are more powerful than any material weapon; in fact, according to V, ideas are indestructible, all-powerful, etc.  This position is absolutely correct.

Ideas are immeasurably more powerful than any material weapon, yet many who love this film or others like it would, when involved in a supposedly-rational discussion, parrot the nonsensical idea that what we believe is not really that important.  We can all believe radically different things and still be one, big, happy family!  To be sure, we do not all need to believe the exact same thing about every single aspect of existence in order to facilitate or achieve a reasonable degree of societal harmony.  However, I am amazed to see people who, in one context, see and recognize that ideas are immensely powerful, but, in another context, say what amounts to “ideas do not matter.”  Modern so-called education has done its work very, very well.  Without our being aware of it, our minds have been more or less fragmented and compartmentalized to such a degree that it is very hard for most of us to see how the parts relate and compose a beautiful whole.

How much do ideas matter?  In a word, our philosophy about the cosmos, about the purpose of existence, is the most important thing about us.  Everything we do is predicated upon what we believe.  If we believe this short life is all there is to existence, we will act accordingly.  If we believe we are accountable for our actions, both in time and eternity, said idea will strongly influence our motives and our actions.  Ideas matter because they precede and serve as the motive for our actions.

If anyone disagrees with what I have written and desires more concrete proof that ideas are, in fact, tremendously important, please try to observe your own heart and mind as you read what I have written.  If you believe that ideas do not really matter (which means you disagree with me), and you are feeling some kind of strong reaction to what I have written, does that even make sense unless ideas do, in fact, matter?

In order to reanimate the rotting corpse that is our formerly-civilized world, people will need to work together, pulling in the same direction.  Right now, that is absolutely impossible because there are as many ideas about what constitutes the right direction as there are people.  To achieve unity of action, we must first have unity of principle, unity of ideas.  While this might sound like some kind of surrendering of intellectual freedom, nothing could be further from the truth.

The intellect is made to know the truth.  Strictly speaking, the intellect has a duty to adhere to the truth once the truth has been presented to it and it is grasped as the truth.  Think of basic mathematics: two plus two is four.  The mind is not free to think it is five, or 27, or blue, yet none of us feel as if our intellectual freedom is violated simply because we are compelled to adhere to what is demonstrably, incontrovertibly true.  In fact, doing the contrary would strike us as insane.

If an idea is true and the mind grasps the idea’s veracity, the mind must admit it and adhere to it.  That is the proper function, the very raison d’être of the intellect.  Minds that fail to do this are not working correctly.

When people share a sufficiently similar vision, they can accomplish great things — but all of them must first see and adhere to the same vision.  Otherwise, they will not really be working together, i.e., pulling in the same direction, nor will they be able to accomplish as much.

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