China: Wasn’t Communism supposed to usher in workers’ utopia?

There have been a few stories of late about protesting, in various ways, the truly horrific working conditions in China — in particular, the conditions at plants that make Apple products.  While there can be no doubt that such conditions are notably sub-human, that is not the focus of this short piece.  My focus is philosophical ignorance and the intellectual and moral malleability that it enables.

I trust that all readers know that Atheistic Materialism, or Communism, was sold to the masses under the guise that it would usher in an era that was more or less utopian for the average person.  To put it mildly, what was once just a foolish, philosophically-unsound and unrealistic dream has become naught but an incomprehensibly horrific nightmare for billions of people since the days of Marx, Lenin, et alii.  How and why did people fall for it?  If it was more of a case of them being forced to accept it, why did the rest of the world sit idly by and watch a massive number of people being brutally subjected to the heavy-handed rule of a few?

While it is crystal clear that Communism has been, is, and will always be a complete disaster, it seems fitting to ask: If so many otherwise-intelligent people bought into such a demonstrably-erroneous ideology, why do we think that we will not also be foolish and short-sighted enough to buy into whatever “solutions” are presented to us by those who’ve brought us to our present hour of difficulty?

This is the main reason we fall for the various “solutions” presented by the would-be masters of the universe: we do not think clearly, i.e. we are philosophically ignorant and malleable, and we have far too much disordered affection and love for things that will never be able to give us what we desire.

Communism is just one of the many tools used by the would-be masters of the universe, whom I also call the Money Master Mafia.  They use whatever tool will “get ‘er done,” all the while remaining in control of the rigged game.  Yes, more people are waking up to the Money Masters’ shenanigans and realize we are being taken down a nasty path, but most are still far too ignorant about what constitutes a good path, where and how to find it, etc.

I have absolute trust that the Money Master Mafia will soon be broken to pieces and those who make it to the other side of the Great Purification will live in a world that is beautiful and rightly-ordered in a way and to a degree we cannot now imagine.  Exactly when and how that is going to happen still remains to be seen.  Godspeed; hold fast.

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