‘Infinite Consciousness’ and the New Age

The term “infinite consciousness” has entered our lexicon, but what does it mean?  Do those who use it know what they are saying, or are they just dropping one of the latest, spiritual-sounding buzzwords, perhaps to make themselves feel and appear more enlightened or ‘spiritually evolved’?  What about those who claim they are, or we all are, infinite consciousness?  Are they trying to share some long-obscured, critical piece of information that, when rediscovered and ‘realized,’ will enable us to undergo some kind of spiritual evolution, perhaps even transporting us into another dimension?  Or are they proving — albeit unwittingly — that, despite a great deal of goodwill, they don’t really know their metaphysical or spiritual ass from a hole in the ground?

There is only One infinite consciousness — God.  We who are created, finite, contingent beings are but a small reflection of the Source of all light and life and love.  He has given us immortal souls endowed with intellect and will.  As the uncreated, eternally-existing creator of all things, He is infinitely superior to all of us.  Our immense pride notwithstanding, we would cease to exist if He did not continue to think of us and maintain our existence at each and every moment.  Even when we offend or defy Him, it is only possible through the (ab)use of the faculties that He gave us and enables us to use.  He, being Love Itself, created us for so much more than we could ever grasp or guess, unless He told us.  As it turns out, He did tell us.  God’s messages to men are called revelation.  As for the capacity to be drawn up into God’s own life and light and love, let’s dig a little deeper.

Although God desires to grant and freely offers us a finite participation in His own supernatural life, we are neither born with it nor does He force Himself upon anyone.  It is within our power to accept or decline His incomprehensibly generous offer.  That is what free will is all about.  If we accept His offer, He infuses His own life into our souls and elevates us to a level of existence that would otherwise be absolutely unknown to us and would remain completely out of our reach.  If we decline His offer, He ratifies our decision and we are left to our own miserable selves for all eternity.  The purely-spiritual beings who refused God’s offer are known as demons, fallen angels, etc.  They are constantly doing whatever they can to prevent us from enjoying the unspeakable bliss that they threw away.

To claim that we are, in se, infinite consciousness is the height (or, perhaps, depth) of absurdity.  It is to claim, sans qualification, that we are God.  I’d love to know how infinite consciousness can, as those who peddle this nonsense state unequivocally, be unaware — i.e., unconscious — of the fact!  If there were some kind of Richter Scale for irony, such an idea would make it explode!  That doesn’t even sound like a mediocre kind or degree of consciousness, much less an infinite kind or degree.  It is like saying, “I am God, but I forgot for a while…”  The only rational reply is something like, “If you are God, we are all in much more trouble than we thought…you are a rather pathetic god…you do not even know what I had for breakfast…” and similar retorts.  Yes, we have the capacity to become a kind of spiritual conduit for God’s activity in the world.  We can choose to abide in Him and He will abide in us and we will become, in a true but limited manner, divine.  However, that is a far cry from what the pantheists and New Age types try to sell.  The truth is actually much nobler and sublime than the inferior goods sold by the peddlers of error, however much their lies flatter our ego.

Please be careful when choosing whom you trust with your mind, heart, and soul.  Imbibing errors like the one just mentioned can cause spiritual harm, in time and eternity.  Life is no joke.  Yes, it is a free and wonderful gift, but what we do with it has eternal ramifications.  Godspeed to you and yours.

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