Musings from the Waiting Room

The unraveling of the formerly-civilized world has been occurring over the course of several centuries.  Just as an individual’s actions are preceded by thoughts, i.e., ideas, so society’s dissolution began in the world of ideas.  Once the intellectual rot began to set in, the rest was guaranteed to follow.  What we are witnessing is the culmination of a long process of decay which is intensifying in almost-exponential fashion.

The slow decay of the last 500-plus years provides ample material for an in-depth analysis, but this is neither the time nor place — and it is a job for someone better equipped than I.  For the present, let us calmly consider what is happening right now, for it is momentous and, after the coming events transpire and the dust settles, the world will not resemble anything we have known.  In this case, the resultant changes will be better than anything most of us could conceive.  Before we reach that happy stage, however, the gathering darkness will grow so thick and ubiquitous that some will faint away from fear.  The sights and sounds and challenges of these times will make some begin to doubt whether or not the world or anything in it could be good and beautiful ever again; some will no longer feel the need to control themselves and their insatiable, disordered appetites and will come to resemble demons more than men; still others will be purged of whatever presently keeps them from being as good as they can and ought to be.  One thing is for certain: no one will simply remain as he is.

There will be a worldwide military conflagration.  Many know this; many others strongly suspect it.  I have not had any special communications from the Almighty, but you can take it to the bank that the world will soon be engulfed in a war that will make all recent wars, however horrible, seem mild in comparison.  Every nation will have its own domestic battles, too — we already see this happening.  As an aside, the unfolding economic crisis, which will soon go into a kind of hyper-drive, will also dwarf anything on record.  Before it is all said and done, some 2/3 to 3/4 of the world will have died.  There are many prophecies from reliable sources that say exactly that.  If such prophets saw this trouble coming with more accuracy than we who are now alive — and they did — it is reasonable to think that their comments about the end result of this process are also fairly accurate.

However, there is absolutely nothing to fear, by which I do not mean there will not be pain and lots of it.  This amazing time and the events thereof have been foretold by many reliable sources over the course of the centuries.  We have lost our way and need this process to purify our minds and hearts.  Without this divinely-orchestrated process, we could never get back to the right road.  Here is what G.K. Chesterton had to say in 1910 about modern man:

Man has always lost his way. He has been a tramp ever since Eden; but he always knew, or thought he knew, what he was looking for… Man has always been looking for that home which is the subject matter of this book. But in the bleak and blinding hail of skepticism to which he has been now so long subjected, he has begun for the first time to be chilled, not merely in his hopes, but in his desires. For the first time in history he begins really to doubt the object of his wanderings on the earth. He has always lost his way; but now he has lost his address.

We have not merely taken a wrong turn; we no longer know where we are going, nor have we known for quite some time.  This is the main reason the present difficulties are upon us.  It is no accident and, when we view history with a stereoscopic lens, if you will, it is like watching an incomprehensibly-huge and violent train wreck from the vantage point of a hot air balloon.  We are here because our present impasse is the unavoidable result of a long series of choices.  No, we did not personally make many of the bad choices, but the choices have been made all the same.

When will particular events, like WW3, occur?  How will it all unfold?  What about all of earthquakes, or the strange weather incidents and patterns?  Do they portend something much more serious?  Something more serious than an economic collapse or a thermonuclear world war?  Is that even possible?

We are not privy to such information, nor would it do most of us any good to know in detail.  Still, we can get our own spiritual houses in order while the world goes its merry way, marching blindly toward the abyss.  We must place all of our trust in God, before Whom all of creation taken together is less than a grain of sand in comparison to 1000s of Mount Everests.  If all created intelligences, human and angelic, were acting in concert to thwart the Divine Will, and if that same collective ‘power’ were multiplied by a factor of 1000, it would mean nothing and could not alter His wise, beneficent plans one iota.  We have been granted the gift of being — He is Being.  The difference is infinite and having the Infinite as our friend makes all the difference.

Reading — whether the material comes from truly great books, helpful blogs, or some other source — can only help us so much.  If we are to become what we have been created to be, if we are to profit from the immense graces being offered to us during this amazing period, we must make time, as much of it as possible, to bring our interior to a state of quiescent attention wherein we can listen to the still, small Voice.  He is the master; He is our best and only true helper; He is the cause at the beginning of our journey, our helper along the way, and the reward at the end.

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