Is Humanity God?

Uh, no.  This short post will disprove this incorrect-but-common idea.

Just as the most enormous collection of idiots does not, when brought together, produce one genius, so no collection of created, contingent, finite, mortal beings — however large it may grow — will ever constitute the equivalent of an infinite, eternal, purely-spiritual, necessary Being.

If we think we are God — or that God’s presence within us is something more than a finite participation which depends upon our own, humble cooperation with God and His grace — all we need to do is examine our own life and the disorder in the world around us.  If we grant the existence of this “Humanity God” for the sake of discussion and illustration, it is now seven-billion-strong and pulls in as many directions as there are persons in the supposed Godhead.  Talk about multiple personality disorder; it would be a kind of schizophrenic pantheism — yikes!

“Oh, but we have just forgotten that we are God!”  This idea makes a mockery of the idea of God, as a God who could forget His own divinity, even for a moment, would be a laughing stock to all rational creatures.  Those who espouse the “Humanity God” idea tend to laugh at even the mere possibility that God is one divine essence in three divine Persons and all people are created, finite reflections of God.  This is more than a little ironic, because the “Humanity God” concept rejects the truth only to swallow the idea of one god, i.e., Humanity, that is composed of, or includes seven billion persons!  “One God in three Persons makes no sense and cannot be true because I cannot grasp it with my finite mind; however, seven billion persons (and counting) in one god makes perfect sense!”

“Oh, but if we all unite, it will all change and our collective power will be infinite!”  It is absolutely true that the rise of substantial unity among all men would change things, but not because we, taken as individuals or collectively, are or would then become identifiable with God.  If we all were affected by a sufficiently powerful spiritual experience or awakening, the increase in goodwill and actual doing of good would come from our new-found cooperation with the only Source of real power — God.  We would become willing instruments in the hand of the Master.

Despite what some might think or (somewhat understandably) want to believe, it is impossible for seven billion individuals, or even seven individuals to unite in a substantial, meaningful way unless they are brought together by something much larger than and outside of themselves.  If that larger thing is an idea, it must be true and good in order to produce noble, lastingly-positive results.  Many people were united because they were deluded by Communism, but lasting, good results have not followed.  The Money Master Mafia is sufficiently united to wreak worldwide havoc, but the result is clearly not anything to be desired by sane men.  The right, i.e., true ideas that possess enough power to both unite and elevate us only come from one Source: the same transcendent-yet-immanent Source that created everything out of nothing and keeps it all in existence from moment to moment.  We come from God; we are destined for God; if we are faithful to grace, we will be filled with and elevated by God’s light and life and love during our life and for all eternity.  However, we are not identifiable with God.

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