“Now is the acceptable time…”

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon has penned an excellent piece about the military conflagration that will soon affect much of our moribund, already-war-torn world.  Her article, titled “Armageddon Approaches,” may be found here.

I have chosen to not re-post the article, but I highly recommend reading it.  There is a very real possibility, nay, probability, that something will soon occur that will act as a spark, setting aflame the enormous pile of bone-dry kindling otherwise known as the Middle East.  For what it is or is not worth, the coming world war will not actually be Armageddon, properly speaking; that will come after a period of profound peace and real prosperity.  However, it will be a prefiguration thereof; we will all be stretched well beyond what we now think of as our limit.

Whether these things come to pass later today, a month from now, or a year from now, they will happen.  The Money Master Mafia and those who do their bidding have invested too much time and energy and have amassed too much power to stop now.  Their own people are on record — well before WWs I and II — about their need and intention to create three world wars to bring the entire planet into the position where they, the would-be masters of the universe, could dominate all people.  They brought us the first two already; now, it is time for the third.

There are myriad prophecies from legitimate sources that warn us about the designs of these utterly-wicked men.  It is foretold that they will succeed, but that, at the very moment of their hollow victory, they will be annihilated by the only real power: God.

It is also foretold that most people now alive will soon die.  However, as William Wallace said in Braveheart: “Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

Now is the time to examine our own heart, purging it of whatever disordered affections we find therein.  The lunatics in charge of the asylum, a.k.a. the Money Master Mafia, will do whatever it is that they are going to do.  If we want to stop them or mitigate the effects of their insane, destructive activity, becoming spiritually fit is the wisest course.  The Money Master Mafia has not amassed so much power, nor does it achieve what it achieves without serious assistance from fallen spiritual beings whose power far exceeds our own.  If our resistance, whether individual or collective, is to be effective, it must have a solid spiritual foundation.  Anything less will be swept aside with the greatest of ease.

Each of us must do as he feels called, but now is an excellent time to invigorate our spiritual life and listen more closely to the still, small Voice.  We will all die, whether sooner or later — that much is certain.  However, what is yet to be determined is whether we will live and die like free men, children of light, children of God, or like the mindless, spineless, zombified sheep that the Money Master Mafia (and their boss) think we are and want us to be.  In order to live and die like men, we must seek God with all our heart.  Half measures will avail us nothing.  Godspeed to you and yours, today and always.

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