Truth and “truthers”: everything is not always as it seems

Because it is so difficult to find truly reliable sources of news these days, I leave it to others to discern available information and make their own, informed choices.  Unfortunately, many of the more temporally useful websites are also spiritually harmful and serve as the delivery system for the bogus messages of some people who are, best case scenario, misinformed folks of goodwill or, worst case scenario, willful deceivers.  I intend to make a series of posts wherein I provide some of the available information, leaving it to readers to decide for themselves.  One result of the Great Purification will be sifting the wheat from the chaff.  Those of goodwill who’ve more or less innocently imbibed some errors will happily accept the truth; those who are willfully deceived and willfully deceive others will grow more obstinate in the face of the truth, eventually being ground into powder.

In a previous post, I took apart a brief quote from David Icke, whose essential message is just repackaged, New Age garbage, none of which is actually new.  Taking his ancient-but-false ideas behind the metaphysical/cosmological woodshed was embarrassingly easy.  In that post, however, I did not address many of his more notable errors.  This film addresses them better than I could in a blog entry:

Below is “Zeitgeist Refuted, Final Cut.”  I do not agree with all the film states, nor  do I disagree with all presented in “Zeitgeist.”  For starters, the makers of “Zeitgeist Refuted” are clearly Christians of the ‘Sola Scriptura’ variety.  Said position is manifestly erroneous: not only is it not mentioned in the Bible, there are passages in the Bible that explicitly state the opposite.  However, this is not the place for refuting such arguments.  There are countless excellent sources, online and otherwise, that thoroughly address such questions, should readers be inclined to do more research.

For those who do not know of “Zeitgeist,” it is a popular film that makes many unsubstantiated claims about Jesus Christ and the foundations and history of the Christian West.  Ironically, no one seems to notice that the (formerly) Christian West is the very world that the Money Master Mafia has been methodically destroying over the course of several centuries.  The formerly-Christian West is the “old order” that must be reduced to ashes before the New World Order can take its place.  Their own statements make it clear that they, the Money Master Mafia, whom we know are the visible enemies par excellence, have always considered the Catholic Church the supreme obstacle to their plans — not a member of their team.  It is only in very recent times that the Synagogue of Satan has successfully infiltrated and, for all intents and purposes, taken over the Vatican, even placing crypto-rabbis upon the throne of St. Peter.  However, that is another kettle of fish and a very involved story.  As for “Zeitgeist,” it pretends to act as an intellectual catalyst for those who wish to become ‘enlightened’ and ’empowered’ as the world enters a new age.  Sadly, those who’ve bought into its message have been duped by the very power they think they are resisting.

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2 Responses to Truth and “truthers”: everything is not always as it seems

  1. BuelahMan says:

    Instead of me believing that whomever produced this film is also 100% in agreement with you, I’d rather hear your explanations. I found that the original researcher/source (mainly) for the Zeitgeist film (Maxwell Jordan) has a far better understanding than Peter Joseph (nor did Max participate in the making of that film).

    I would also suggest reading Maxwell Igan’s book (I have it at my place):

    • Eamon says:

      Thanks for the comment and the link, BuelahMan.

      Frankly, I’d rather not even bother addressing the myriad errors: it is a job for a well-equipped army, or a man far better equipped than I. Although I mention the temporal chaos, I try to do so in a way that encourages people to refocus on the interior life. If our knowledge of the world’s ills were perfect but we let ourselves become a sink of vices, what good have we accomplished? An enormous part of why we have been so easily led into a nasty place is our utter lack of self-mastery. When we allow ourselves to be enslaved by our own passions, it is a given that we will be easy prey for external enemies.

      Still, there are so many errors and peddlers of error that it seems fitting, if not necessary to provide some info that others may use as they see fit. If no one wants to use this info, or let it influence his own understanding, so be it. I have been around long enough to know through experience that most moderns see even the most objective, impersonal attacks upon ideas as attacks upon the men who hold them, but that is beyond my control.

      I’d like to know your thoughts on Icke’s cosmology/spirituality, if you care to share them. If not, I understand. I’ll share some of my explanations in the coming days/weeks (and I’ll get back to the thread on your site, too). Godspeed.

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