“The Secret of Oz” and other useful videos…

On December 6, I did a short post about the heart of the temporal problems: money manipulation.  The Money Master Mafia manipulates the world money supply in order to obtain and exert control over the entire formerly-civilized world.  As we all know, “the desire of money is the root of all evils…”  The classic documentary “The Money Masters” and two other items may be found here.

Below is “The Secret of Oz,” another must-see video from Mr. Bill Still.  If the ongoing, accelerating troubles within the financial realm are somewhat mysterious to you, please listen to what Mr. Still has to say in this film and “The Money Masters.”  Our present difficulties are the logical, long-foreseen outcome of an ugly process that has been more or less allowed to continue for centuries.  There is a way forward, but the Money Master Mafia is not going to just cede the floor because a few people are tired of their shenanigans.  What is more, driving these money changers from the proverbial temple is only the beginning.  Too few grasp how deeply-rooted and extensive our problems are; even fewer have any real clue about what needs to be done in order to restore sanity, peace and true prosperity.  It will be restored, but the path from here to there is going to be bumpier than most can conceive.  Enjoy the film:

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