Adjusting perspective

If I know everything about what is and will soon be happening in this increasingly-insane world, what does that matter if I am spiritually disordered?  What if I die, perhaps even later today?  Yes, I am relatively young and strong and healthy; however, none of us knows the day or hour.  Contrary to the belief of some, reflecting on our mortality is a healthy and immensely powerful aid to living a good, virtuous, truly happy life.

If I am not living a good life, living a long life only adds to my unhappiness and spiritual debt.  Chasing after the fleeting pleasures of this world, accumulating material goods or preparing for temporal upheaval, etc., while neglecting to spiritually prepare for this day and for eternity is to have it all backwards — and having it all backwards is the main reason we have come to the present impasse.

Death comes to us all, often when we least expect it.  It is but a transition from time to eternity.  What we do in time determines how we spend eternity.  Everything we have done, are doing or will do in this short life involves a choice — choose wisely, my friends.  Godspeed.

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One Response to Adjusting perspective

  1. Dave1010 says:

    Just had another talk about this yesterday with my son(16). Live in not of the world. Love God. Treat others as you want to be treated. Seek first the kingdom of God. Get name in book of life. All who walk the earth die. Can’t live if afraid of death. Choose wisely. It was great. Carry on E.


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