Choosing our battles wisely

Life can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  During an age like our own, it can appear that we are never caught up with what needs to be done or that, despite our best efforts, we are getting nowhere.  Perhaps part of the problem lies in our own confusion about what really needs to be done.  Rome was not built in a day, but neither was she built by one man or a small group of men.  While it is true that I cannot slay every proverbial dragon, I am under no obligation to do so or even try.  Much of the pain and confusion in my life flows from my repeated attempts to slay dragons of my own making or imagination — to control things that are, of their very nature, outside my very limited sphere of influence.

One of the keys, if not the supreme key to making real progress and growing in peace of mind and heart while doing so is putting and, at all costs, keeping first things first.  We must prioritize properly or we will waste an enormous amount of our precious time and energy.  This has its application in all areas of our life.  For example, some conversations are worth having and some are not.  Some times we have an actual duty to discuss important matters with those in our lives, even when it is uncomfortable to do so; at other times, we should be able to see that we have no such duty or, as is often the case, it is wiser to let another learn a particular life lesson on his own.  The Master is working on each of us at every single moment; we must have and cultivate absolute trust that He knows what He is doing and is infinitely more interested in and capable of bringing each of us to the desired goal.

While we ought to assist others when and to the degree that we can, our first priority absolutely must be ourselves — particularly where the cultivation of purity and peace of mind and heart are concerned.  When my own house is in order I am immeasurably more useful, to myself and to others, than I am when I am a mess.  Yes, we often think we are more helpful than we really are, but that illusion is enabled by the fact that our own house is in disarray.  There is only one real obligation in this life; when we fulfill it on a daily basis, wonderful things tend to follow in almost effortless fashion, for ourselves and for those around us.

Yes, the world is more than a wee bit kooky these days; yes, our ‘leaders’ keep traveling the road to insanity and societal destruction and the only change is the exponential increase in speed.  While the monumental arrogance, selfishness and stupidity on display is, in its own weird way, truly amazing to behold, it is also nothing about which we ought to worry excessively — everything is completely under control.

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One Response to Choosing our battles wisely

  1. EH MMM EYE says:

    Hello Eamon…I hope this is you…Great post! Especially after what happened between you and Vis on his recent post…I know your post was months earlier, but I think it applies. I didn’t comment there, although I wanted too, because I can tell he is way sensitive on that celebrity issue…He and I got into it a few posts back about his admiration of what I would call a superficial movie for someone like himself. I left with almost the same comments that you did, “I’ll think more before, when/if I post again.” I feel like the media makes us feel like we really know these celebrities, when we really have no idea what is up, how could we? I agree with much of what you said and I appreciate that you said it…It has been such a big deal I posted Will Ferrell’s response on my blog.
    Sometimes these things get Sooooo blown out of proportion, humor can really help, and Ferrell pokes fun, it was a relief for me anyway…and I don’t follow celebrity culture, not for years anyway.
    Peace. EH MMM EYE.

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