Nothing new or special

What needs to be said has already been said, many times and by wiser men.  Still, it does not hurt to offer a simple reminder from time to time.

The reminder I wish to give?  Simple: put your own welfare first.  Establishing, maintaining and augmenting a healthy relationship with God and with ourselves is vital if we are to do any real good in this short life.  Even a mother cannot feed her infant unless she first eats something herself.

If we allow ourselves to get caught up in and dragged down by things outside us, whether in the world at large or our own home, imperceptibly we become weakened and, eventually, unable to accomplish anything of true, lasting worth.  Many delude themselves that their labors are productive of much good fruit; however, momentary success on the material plane is not necessarily the best measuring stick.  There are much deeper, more significant aspects to consider.

If you must move mountains in order to find peace of mind and heart and soul, do so!  However, if you look deeply enough you will find that the chief obstacles to peace lie within your own heart.  Once you find this peace which the world cannot give, guard it as your most valuable possession.  Godspeed to you and yours.

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2 Responses to Nothing new or special

  1. KERI CAHILL says:

    thank you, thank you.

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