The Greatest Dog-and-Pony Show on Earth

Well, the farcical election has now passed.  Some are elated, others are disappointed, but nothing of note has really changed.  The wars will continue; the Money Master Mafia will rape and pillage with impunity; the average man will continue to be ground into powder, all the while spewing meaningless platitudes about patriotism and terrorism and whatever other -ism the MSM tells him is on the day’s agenda.  If we were to limit ourselves to looking at our pathetic, moribund society, we would probably want to vomit, scream, flee in despair, etc.  Happily, we do not need to limit ourselves in such an unwise manner.  Our rapidly-decaying society is not the end-all, be-all; the materialistic, formerly-civilized world is not the measure of reality or happiness.  This is just the end of a particularly decadent age.  Yes, it will get darker before the dawn, but there WILL be a dawn.  Hold fast, my friends 🙂

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One Response to The Greatest Dog-and-Pony Show on Earth

  1. Dave1010 says:

    Carry on E.


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