We simply do not want to see

There are myriad topics being hotly discussed at the moment which provide ample evidence of our ignorance and the willful nature thereof.  The truth is all around us; it is in our face, so to speak.  Yet, we cannot muster sufficient courage to look at it, or to take it all in and accept it.  Facing and accepting the truth, whether it is the truth about the world or the truth about ourselves, is never fun or pleasant.  If we need evidence of how truth is welcome in this world, take a glance at the nearest crucifix.  Truth Incarnate was murdered with unspeakable brutality.

Presently, people are going on about guns, either taking them or not being willing to give them, etc., but the reality is that those who allow themselves and their children to be groped by TSA thugs have already acquiesced.  Anyone who silently accepts DUI checkpoints will capitulate on the gun issue.  We like to kid ourselves and say, “This far and NO further!” but our “principles” are often little more than disordered affections masquerading as principles.  We are bothered by what supposedly took place in Sandy Hook, yet we do not bat an eyelash at the endless drone attacks and chaos our military machine rains down upon the entire world.

We have become a joke; we are mindless and spineless, lacking sufficient light and intelligence to stop believing all of the lies as well as sufficient courage to speak out, much less take truly efficacious action and make our lives consistent with our beliefs.  Yes, there is good, solid reason to hope, but it does not come from anything seen or merely human.  The only reason to hope — and this has always been the case — is God’s power, goodness and fidelity.  Unless our trust is in Him, absolutely and without limit, it is misplaced and will produce only disappointment and disillusionment.  Even the best of men is just a man, with all of the weakness and disorder that involves.  While God does make use of men to accomplish His designs, make no mistake: God alone deserves ALL of the glory, although He grants us all of the benefit.

We are surrounded by thieves and liars and murderers, but our willingness to go along to get along, our refusal to see things as they really are aids and abets those who seek to enslave the masses and usurp God’s rightful place.

Have faith and hold fast.  The Great Purification is upon us and is intensifying with each passing day.  Godspeed to men of good will.

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