Raison d’être

We live in an amazing time full of great dangers and even greater possibilities.  This is the Great Purification and it is going to cleanse the heart of every good-willed man, woman, and child, as well as every single aspect of our radically-disordered, moribund world.  The purpose of this blog is to provide various insights into these truly momentous times and, hopefully, assist people of good will as we all try to navigate the storm-tossed waters of this world.  Godspeed to you and yours, now and always.


One Response to Raison d’être

  1. Hey you, thanks for backing me up with N_____. I have known this guy for quite some time and know better than to argue with him. If he keeps this attitude up I might have to boot him out for a second time… yes he does get into riffs with people. Have a great weekend!

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