Nothing new or special

What needs to be said has already been said, many times and by wiser men.  Still, it does not hurt to offer a simple reminder from time to time.

The reminder I wish to give?  Simple: put your own welfare first.  Establishing, maintaining and augmenting a healthy relationship with God and with ourselves is vital if we are to do any real good in this short life.  Even a mother cannot feed her infant unless she first eats something herself.

If we allow ourselves to get caught up in and dragged down by things outside us, whether in the world at large or our own home, imperceptibly we become weakened and, eventually, unable to accomplish anything of true, lasting worth.  Many delude themselves that their labors are productive of much good fruit; however, momentary success on the material plane is not necessarily the best measuring stick.  There are much deeper, more significant aspects to consider.

If you must move mountains in order to find peace of mind and heart and soul, do so!  However, if you look deeply enough you will find that the chief obstacles to peace lie within your own heart.  Once you find this peace which the world cannot give, guard it as your most valuable possession.  Godspeed to you and yours.

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Humble pie…

My short, now-deleted post was poorly conceived and even more poorly executed.  In a word, it was junk so I got rid of it.  BuelahMan kindly responded with a thoughtful comment, so I did not want to trash the entire thing; happily, an interesting exchange has followed.  I hope it proves useful to someone.  Until next time…

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Choosing our battles wisely

Life can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  During an age like our own, it can appear that we are never caught up with what needs to be done or that, despite our best efforts, we are getting nowhere.  Perhaps part of the problem lies in our own confusion about what really needs to be done.  Rome was not built in a day, but neither was she built by one man or a small group of men.  While it is true that I cannot slay every proverbial dragon, I am under no obligation to do so or even try.  Much of the pain and confusion in my life flows from my repeated attempts to slay dragons of my own making or imagination — to control things that are, of their very nature, outside my very limited sphere of influence.

One of the keys, if not the supreme key to making real progress and growing in peace of mind and heart while doing so is putting and, at all costs, keeping first things first.  We must prioritize properly or we will waste an enormous amount of our precious time and energy.  This has its application in all areas of our life.  For example, some conversations are worth having and some are not.  Some times we have an actual duty to discuss important matters with those in our lives, even when it is uncomfortable to do so; at other times, we should be able to see that we have no such duty or, as is often the case, it is wiser to let another learn a particular life lesson on his own.  The Master is working on each of us at every single moment; we must have and cultivate absolute trust that He knows what He is doing and is infinitely more interested in and capable of bringing each of us to the desired goal.

While we ought to assist others when and to the degree that we can, our first priority absolutely must be ourselves — particularly where the cultivation of purity and peace of mind and heart are concerned.  When my own house is in order I am immeasurably more useful, to myself and to others, than I am when I am a mess.  Yes, we often think we are more helpful than we really are, but that illusion is enabled by the fact that our own house is in disarray.  There is only one real obligation in this life; when we fulfill it on a daily basis, wonderful things tend to follow in almost effortless fashion, for ourselves and for those around us.

Yes, the world is more than a wee bit kooky these days; yes, our ‘leaders’ keep traveling the road to insanity and societal destruction and the only change is the exponential increase in speed.  While the monumental arrogance, selfishness and stupidity on display is, in its own weird way, truly amazing to behold, it is also nothing about which we ought to worry excessively — everything is completely under control.

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Adjusting perspective

If I know everything about what is and will soon be happening in this increasingly-insane world, what does that matter if I am spiritually disordered?  What if I die, perhaps even later today?  Yes, I am relatively young and strong and healthy; however, none of us knows the day or hour.  Contrary to the belief of some, reflecting on our mortality is a healthy and immensely powerful aid to living a good, virtuous, truly happy life.

If I am not living a good life, living a long life only adds to my unhappiness and spiritual debt.  Chasing after the fleeting pleasures of this world, accumulating material goods or preparing for temporal upheaval, etc., while neglecting to spiritually prepare for this day and for eternity is to have it all backwards — and having it all backwards is the main reason we have come to the present impasse.

Death comes to us all, often when we least expect it.  It is but a transition from time to eternity.  What we do in time determines how we spend eternity.  Everything we have done, are doing or will do in this short life involves a choice — choose wisely, my friends.  Godspeed.

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“The Secret of Oz” and other useful videos…

On December 6, I did a short post about the heart of the temporal problems: money manipulation.  The Money Master Mafia manipulates the world money supply in order to obtain and exert control over the entire formerly-civilized world.  As we all know, “the desire of money is the root of all evils…”  The classic documentary “The Money Masters” and two other items may be found here.

Below is “The Secret of Oz,” another must-see video from Mr. Bill Still.  If the ongoing, accelerating troubles within the financial realm are somewhat mysterious to you, please listen to what Mr. Still has to say in this film and “The Money Masters.”  Our present difficulties are the logical, long-foreseen outcome of an ugly process that has been more or less allowed to continue for centuries.  There is a way forward, but the Money Master Mafia is not going to just cede the floor because a few people are tired of their shenanigans.  What is more, driving these money changers from the proverbial temple is only the beginning.  Too few grasp how deeply-rooted and extensive our problems are; even fewer have any real clue about what needs to be done in order to restore sanity, peace and true prosperity.  It will be restored, but the path from here to there is going to be bumpier than most can conceive.  Enjoy the film:

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Inbound object the temporal key to any reset?

The video at the end of this short post is the first portion of a talk given in early 2010.  The other portions of the same talk may be found on YouTube.  The general thesis is that there is an inbound object, the exact nature of which is disputed, that is going to wreak incomprehensible havoc worldwide.  While I do not agree with certain details of this presentation, it is, in the main, loaded with correct and vital information.  I will share other information on this subject as time permits.

This subject could fill an entire website, so one post only allows a scratching of the surface.  As many readers may be aware, what is commonly known as the Third Secret of Fatima has been a source of controversy for decades.  However, because that is an incredibly involved story full of lies and coverups, for the present I will limit myself to sharing some rather cryptic quotes from Karol Józef Wojtyła, the man known to the world as John Paul II.  His comments pertain to the contents of the so-called Third Secret, which was supposed to be revealed to the entire world no later than 1960.  Regardless of the reader’s position with respect to the Catholic Church, the present occupants of the Vatican, etc., I would guess we are all agreed that those in residence there over the past decades know far more than they share with the world at large.  Here are Wojtyła’s words when asked about it all in 1980 in Fulda, Germany:

“If there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish . . . there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that ‘to know’ implies for them a responsibility. It is dangerous to want to satisfy one’s curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against a catastrophe that has been predicted…. (At this point he took hold of his Rosary and said:) Here is the remedy against all evil! Pray, pray and ask for nothing else. Put everything in the hands of the Mother of God!”

Another report has him saying this: “I and the Popes before me did not reveal the third secret of Fatima because we did not want to make the people give up and say ‘then what is the use to continue living.’ Furthermore, we did not want to create a sensationalism in the news media. Regarding the third secret of Fatima every Christian should know the following: Continents will disappear beneath the oceans. Whole Nations will be destroyed from moment to moment.” After some weeks of speculation in the newspapers that this could be the result of a nuclear war, Pope John Paul II said to the press to stop saying that the secret of Fatima predicts a nuclear war. “No, All that I have said in Germany is the result of natural causes.”

The myriad, ubiquitous weather anomalies are no accident.  If you want to learn more about them, please visit this website.  These things will only intensify over the coming months.  I do not share this information in order to frighten anyone.  On the contrary, my only desire is to help others see, face, and deal sensibly with the gravity of these truly amazing times.  For several centuries, we have lived foolishly and squandered our inheritance, so to speak, but present and coming events constitute what I have chosen to call the Great Purification.  There will be much hardship, but the end result will be an across-the-board “reset” we so desperately need.  Considering the fact that we will all die at some point, and that the state of our soul at the moment of death has eternal ramifications, it is wise to put our spiritual house in order.  We do not control the amount of time we are given, but we do control and will have to answer for what we do with it.  We must forsake whatever presently serves as an obstacle to living a virtuous life; we must choose the road that leads to eternal life.  Godspeed, dear readers, now and always.

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Fukushima: What next?

Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, Japan.  The leaders of Japan have been lying about the gravity of the situation since day one.  This has been as clear as the summer sun to those with eyes to see.  For what it is worth, the leaders of other nations, the MSM, et alii have also been lying about the severity of the problem.  While it is common enough for men to lie for various reasons, that is not the focus of this short blog entry.  Let us consider, rather, what is likely to happen within the next six to eighteen months.

The meltdown continues apace, despite whatever the official word is or has been.  Life on the northeast quadrant of Honshu will never be the same.  Frankly, it is ridiculous if not criminal that everyone was not evacuated as soon as humanly possible.  Making matters notably more strange, Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams, made in 1990, consists of eight short films, two of which deal with nuclear disaster.  Mount Fuji in Red depicts a dream which is really a nightmare. A large power plant near Mt. Fuji is melting down. The sky turns a terrifying color of red. Millions of people flee in desperation. They have nowhere to go except into the sea.  Readers can do their own research, but this same film or another very much like it also has as part of the storyline a massive earthquake right off the coast.  It is discovered that a good portion of Japan is going to slide into the sea.  At first, the experts say there is some time before this happens, but then they learn it will happen within a year or so.  Government officials start trying to find other countries to take the millions of refugees, but they don’t tell the people what is really happening.  Sounds familiar, eh?  The old saying is “art imitates life,” but in this case it seems to be the reverse.  It is a topic for another time, but life has been imitating art a lot in recent years, especially with respect to disasters of various kinds.

As for Japan and some of it sliding into the sea, there is an interesting prediction by a man named Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet.  Again, I encourage those with the time and inclination to do a little research.  Bottom line: Cayce had a vision in which Japan, or a goodly portion thereof, slides into the sea in the near future.  As part of your research, look at how many earthquakes have been hitting in or around Japan since March 11, 2011.  While it is perfectly normal for Japan to have a lot of quakes, the increase during the past year has been most noteworthy.

What will happen?  We have no way of knowing for certain.  One thing that does seem certain, however, is that those whose duty it is to protect and promote the common good of the Japanese people will continue to lie about what is really happening.  Don’t be surprised if you hear about another big quake in Japan, or that Tokyo is being evacuated, or that a sizable portion of Honshu has slipped into a cold, watery grave.  Even if that does not occur, the sheer amount of radiation being released has made it most unwise to remain anywhere near Fukushima.

When we split the atom, we were messing with powers the magnitude of which we do not adequately comprehend or respect.  It is my fervent prayer that we are both able and willing to put this Genie back in the proverbial bottle, but, so far, it is not looking good on either score.  Still, all things happen for a reason, even if we often do not understand what that reason is.  Godspeed to you and yours in 2012 and beyond.

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